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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The speed of your Jio 4G will be fast, the bus changes these 5 settings

The speed of your Jio 4G will be fast, the bus changes these 5 settings
Gadget Desk: Many users are too unsatisfactory with the speed after using Jio 4G, the users complain that the fast speed is not getting. Users are facing problems associated with calling and internet speed.It is noteworthy that during the preview, the speed at 20 to 25 mbps was being available on Geo Sim, but now this speed is getting around 3.5Mbps. The reason for this can be mobile settings as well.We are going to show you a setting here that will allow you to get fast internet access on your phone. This setting is very easy and anyone can easily do it. You just have to follow the instruction given here. After setting this setting you can check the speed of the internet on the phone.
Experts say that these settings will increase the speed of the internet, due to lack of knowledge, many users are not setting up properly. This causes problems in Internet connectivity.
In the next slide, know what settings change increases the speed of the internet ….


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